Who we are

Botanical Organic Products is a progressive, socially conscious, and environmentally sustainable organization.

We believe in the use of biodegradable and sustainable raw materials, products, and practices and focus on the use of reusable and recyclable packaging, shipping and marketing materials. We are powered with renewable wind energy and practice water efficiency practices. We actively seek to define and establish environmentally preferable purchasing and procuring of supplies that are nontoxic and made with recycled content and reduce packaging of raw materials.

Our products are never animal tested and are certified organic.  We also believe in the use of Kosher certified materials and vegan formulas.  Our formulations are free of parabens, petrochemicals, and with no artificial dyes or fragrances.  We are FDA registered and cGMP compliant.  We have in-house quality control systems including in-house shelf testing of our formulations and products.  We are members of the Natural Products Association Alliance and participate in on-going industry continuing education.

Our ingredients are certified by OTCO, CCOF, Organic Certifiers, Quality Assurance International, Mayacert, and Lacon GmbH.


Botanical Organic Products is the product of the creativity of two brothers, both with careers and passions in Health Sciences.

Dr. Martin Izabal, with 15 years of experience as a Medical Dermatologist, who currently is owner and CEO of several dermatology clinics located in three different cities in Mexico. NHC.Aaron Izabal, who has been working with organic nutrition and cosmeceutical products since 1995, becoming a certified health consultant in 2005 and to his credit has the experience of having been owner and director of various businesses of nutrition. .

The combination of deep knowledge bases of the two brothers about natural products and the human body, gave as a result the development of a line of cosmeceutical products and nutritional supplements, designed to offer products of the highest quality, made ​​of the finest ingredients from nature, for the boutique market of natural organic products.

Aaron ‘s interest in organic nutrition goes back to a childhood heart condition that was not responding to various pharmaceutical treatments that doctors had prescribed . Approaching adulthood with confidence about their illness or the certainty of its longevity made ​​him feel compelled to seek supplements to solve the problem that Western medicine could not finish and so began using an organic approach to their condition.

After medical prognosis of living ill or live a short life, he continues to live a healthy life and have only used natural treatments since. From there, he continued his study of organic ingredients in alternative medicine for health and beauty problems and finally built a retail store to sell products, and then become a certified consultant of organic products and nutrition.

Meanwhile, the passion of Dr. Martin Izabal in health science , practice the exercise of his profession as a doctor Dermatologist and his constant search for new knowledge , which eventually led to the establishment of three Dermatological clinics equipped with the newest in medicine, facial, body treatments and the latest technology in laser treatments. Same clinics specially designed for the diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair and nails problems, the ultimate in choices for beauty and health science currently own.

Dr. Izabal began offering its own cosmeceutical line and master formulas used for patients between visits to the clinic, and began to develop a market for these products. Excited by the results of the patients using these products and using their knowledge of herbal ingredients and their effects on the human body. Aaron, meanwhile, began to make recommendations on how to improve these products with organic materials. From this, and from year to check its effectiveness in patients in Dr. Martin Izabal’s clinics and Dermatologists from different cities in Mexico, Botanical Organic Products line was launched and continues each year to enhance their prestige and popularity among skincare professionals.

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